Final day of the “Olivar Health” Supra-autonomic Operative Group

Salud Olivar

Go to Spanish version Focused on the project “Development of innovative strategies for the control of endemic and emerging diseases in olive trees in Spain” On July 12, 2021, it was held at the headquarters of Dcoop S.C.A. of Antequera and in blended format (virtual and present) the Final Conference of the Supra-autonomic Operational Group […]

IEEP IBMA Joint event – Report launch Exploring the benefits of biocontrol for sustainable agriculture


Read the Press release Biocontrol can offer a systemic and balanced solution for sustainable agriculture Read the report Exploring the benefits of biocontrol for sustainable agriculture This event, co-organised by IEEP and the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA), marks the launch of an IEEP report on the benefits of biological pest control for nature, food, […]

IBMA FFF Workshop – 9th June 2021

IBMA FFF Workshop 9 June

Forum for the Future prepared a Food Systems Dialogue meeting on 9 June 2021 involving the food industry and IBMA members as well as farmers and NGOs. > The Food Systems Dialogue report can be found here and has been submitted to the UN Food Summit. International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association and Forum for the Future […]

Bernard Blum Award 2021 for Novel Biocontrol Solutions

Bernard Blum Award 2021

We have Bernard Blum Award 2021 Winner! The best biocontrol product of the year is BioPersi+ Classic/Speed Sachet by BioBee Sde Eliyahu Ltd. The awardees have been announced at ABIM 2021 where David Cary, Member of the ABIM Executive Board and Owen Jones (Chair of the Bernard Blum Award judging panel) have presented the 2021 […]

Biological Control Conference, April 2021

Biological Control Conference

¨EUFarm2Fork: Together we can make it happen!¨ – IBMA President, Herman Van Mallaert, explained yesterday at the Biological Control Conference our industry association perspective. He said ¨we are here to make EUFarm2Fork happen. We have solutions in the market, full innovation pipeline and fertile innovation ecosystem.The real question is whether the regulation is ready?¨ – […]

Portuguese EU Presidency – Do not miss their Conference on Biological Control – Register until the 24th April

We would like to draw you attention to the Biocontrol Conference organized by the Portuguese EU Presidency on the 28th April afternoon, including, among other speakers, IBMA President Herman van Mellaert and IBMA partner Copa-Cogeca Secretary General Pekka Pesonen. Read the programme and register now.

IBMA assists in the development of the CABI BioProtection Portal and shared mission of greater ‘green diplomacy’

Our portal supports EU countries to align with the new EU Green Deal and Farm to Fork strategy by demonstrating that they are making efforts to ensure that information about their registered biocontrol solutions is readily available. Jennifer Lewis, IBMA Executive Director underlines: “This is not only important for promoting more sustainable agricultural practices nationally, […]

IBMA 2021 Biocontrol Industry survey calls on members to make a strong can-do statement

IBMA Survey 2020

On 7th April, IBMA, the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association launches its annual black-box survey. IBMA calls on its member companies to contribute detailed company information in a survey conducted by a market research agency, bound by a strict code of conduct. Company data remain confidential, consolidated data will provide a reliable and up-to-date picture of […]

IBMA Position on Revisions to the Directive for the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (SUD)

IBMA supports the goal of the SUD of achieving the sustainable use of pesticides by promoting the use of integrated pest management (IPM), but to be effective, this must be through the mandatory full implementation of IPM. Read IBMA Position Paper extensive version here Bioprotection – biocontrol technologies – make a crucial contribution to the […]