IBMA and Microbial PPPs Task Force Seminar Invitation

The EU Farm to Fork Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products Regulation Proposal (SUR) finally focuses on biological control. But how to achieve fast-track biocontrol authorisation including microbials? Invitation for 13th October 2022:Seminar on fast-track Biocontrol authorisation – in the European Parliament and online Dear Madam, dear Sir, We have the pleasure to invite you to the […]

IBMA position on the SUR proposal

Discover here IBMA Position on the Sustainable use of PPPs Regulation proposal. IBMA welcomes that the Directive is being upgraded to a Regulation, which will certainly give it an implementation force that is quite different to its previous position as a Directive. IBMA also welcomes the coherence with the CAP Strategic Plans as MSs may […]

Appointment of IBMA Technical Project Manager

Dear IBMA Member, We are delighted to announce that Jeremy Belzunces joins IBMA as IBMA Technical Project Manager. Jeremy Belzunces has a background in policy and diplomatic work in Brussels. Jeremy worked for six years as a Policy Advisor in EU Agricultural Affairs for the Agricultural Department of the diplomatic Mission of Israel to the […]

IBMA Reaction to the European Commission adoption of the new rules for micro-organisms (also known as microbials) used in plant protection products

IBMA welcomes the European Commission adoption of the new rules for micro-organisms (also known as microbials) used in plant protection products. IBMA would like to underline the following points: IBMA appreciates that the weight of evidence approach can replace the systematic use of animal studies to address toxicity and pathogenicity end points. Biology and ecology […]

Regulation on Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products proposal – Press Release

IBMA welcomes the first EU wide definition of biological control and setting national biocontrol targets to deliver onthe EU Greendeal ambition Brussels, 22nd June 2022 – IBMA, the voice of the biocontrol sector, congratulates the European Commission for including an EU wide definition of biological control in the proposal for a new EU Regulation on […]

Bernard Blum Award 2022

The Bernard Blum Award is presented annually by IBMA to the most innovative biocontrol product of the year.The award recipient should have a high impact in the management of pests or diseases whilst having a low impact on human health and the environment.This year there will be 4 entries that are rewarded at ABIM and all 4  are given the […]

New rules to accelerate the approval and authorisation of biological plant protection products – Microbials/Microorganisms

On 8th February 2022 the SCOPAFF written procedure for voting the four regulations on microorganims was officially closed and the new data requirements for microbials was released to the final approval stages in European Parliament. Read online on the European Commission website what the EU Member states have approved new rules to accelerate the approval […]

Unlock the potential of Biocontrol: IBMA calls on Europe’s regulatory authorities for urgent action.

As were informed IBMA Members via the 30th March IBMA News, over the past few months, we have been in discussion with European Commission DGs, Cabinets and Members States Permanent Representations to ask for a definition of biocontrol in the SUD revision. As part of these discussions, overcoming authorisation delays for biocontrol has been discussed. […]

IBMA Global, IBMA France, IEEP joint event

As it was well shown in the IEEP Report published last june Exploring the benefits of biocontrol for sustainable agriculture biocontrol has an essential role to reach the EU Green Deal and F2F objectives. In order to enable the use of biocontrol for the farmers and for them to be as soon as possible in the farmers’ toolbox, our solutions need […]