professional groups

IBMA consists of 4 professional groups, each representing different segments of the Biocontrol industry. They gather manufacturers of solutions for the control of pests and diseases.





Invertebrate Biocontrol Agents (also called macrobials) are natural enemies such as insect, mite and nematode species providing control of pest populations through predation or parasitism.

Microbials are based on microorganisms, including but not limited to bacteria, fungi, protozoans, viruses, viroids, mycoplasmas, and may include entire microorganisms, living and dead cells, any associated microbial metabolites, fermentation materials and cellfragments

Natural substances consist of one or more components that originate from nature, including but not limited to: plants, algae/micro algae, animals, minerals, bacteria, fungi, peptides, protozoans, viruses, viroids and mycoplasmas. They can either be sourced from nature or are nature identical if synthetised. This definition excludes semiochemicals and microbials.

Semiochemicals are substances emitted by plants,animals and other organisms used for intra-species and or inter-species communication and have a target-specific and non-toxic mode of action