EFSA survey on proposed amendments to the filtering rules for IUCLID dossiers

The EFSA is working on amendments to the filtering rules for IUCLID dossiers, proposed for implementation as from April 2024. You can consult the IUCLID for pesticides filtering rule proposal for April 2024. These rules are up for public consultation until 20 September and any feedback can be provided through EU Survey where more details […]

EFSA update of the Questions and Answers (Q&As) on EFSA’s Practical Arrangements

The EFSA has published an important update of the Questions and Answers (Q&As) on EFSA’s Practical Arrangements. This new version concerns the arrangements of the pre-submission phase and introduces important updates relevant to the Notification of Studies. Check the Annex 1 with the list of main changes introduced: The “Questions and Answers on EFSA Practical […]

IBMA position on the SUR proposal

Discover here IBMA Position on the Sustainable use of PPPs Regulation proposal. IBMA welcomes that the Directive is being upgraded to a Regulation, which will certainly give it an implementation force that is quite different to its previous position as a Directive. IBMA also welcomes the coherence with the CAP Strategic Plans as MSs may […]

SUR proposal – IBMA Final Comments for the European Commission Public Consultation

Dear IBMA Member, Thank you for comments on the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products Regulation (SUR) proposal for the public consultation. In particular, thank you to IBMA Germany and IBMA France for their comments as well as specific comments from the following members: CBC, Koppert, SBM, TimacAgro. These have been incorporated as far as […]

IBMA Reaction to the European Commission adoption of the new rules for micro-organisms (also known as microbials) used in plant protection products

IBMA welcomes the European Commission adoption of the new rules for micro-organisms (also known as microbials) used in plant protection products. IBMA would like to underline the following points: IBMA appreciates that the weight of evidence approach can replace the systematic use of animal studies to address toxicity and pathogenicity end points. Biology and ecology […]

SUR – Comment timeline extended to 2 September – EU deadline 19 September

Dear Members, The EU Commission has extended their commenting deadline for the SUR to 19 September. IBMA is therefore extending the commenting deadline to 2 September EOB for your comments to the IBMA Secretariat. Between 2 September and 19 September, the Secretariat will work with the PGs, NGs and Advisory Regulatory Working Group to consolidate members’ comments […]

Sustainable Use Regulation – Comments for Public Consultation

On the 22nd June 2022 the European Commission issued a proposal of the Regulation on the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products(SUR) and Annexes. This document is now open for public consultation. It is unusual to have a further public consultation at this stage, but IBMA will use this opportunity to develop our response and updated […]

New rules to accelerate the approval and authorisation of biological plant protection products – Microbials/Microorganisms

On 8th February 2022 the SCOPAFF written procedure for voting the four regulations on microorganims was officially closed and the new data requirements for microbials was released to the final approval stages in European Parliament. Read online on the European Commission website what the EU Member states have approved new rules to accelerate the approval […]

IBMA Global, IBMA France, IEEP joint event

As it was well shown in the IEEP Report published last june Exploring the benefits of biocontrol for sustainable agriculture biocontrol has an essential role to reach the EU Green Deal and F2F objectives. In order to enable the use of biocontrol for the farmers and for them to be as soon as possible in the farmers’ toolbox, our solutions need […]

IBMA Position on potential harmonisation of regulation of Invertebrates Biological Control Agents in the European Union

Read it here Executive Summary Following the discussion on harmonisation of approaches proposed by the EU council in 2021 The International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA) wishes to put forward the position that it fully supports a harmonised approach to procedures with regards to use and release of Invertebrate Biocontrol Agents (IBCA’s) in the EU.  IBCA’s […]