Time for Clarity – France Biocontrôle, the Official National Association of IBMA Global in France

IBMA Global and France Biocontrôle are happy to confirm that France Biocontrôle has been designated as the Official National Association of IBMA Global in France. This status will now feature as a tagline in communications by France Biocontrôle.

The status of IBMA France as an IBMA Global National Association was terminated in April 2023 following a decision by IBMA France to change its statutes. In September 2023, the Council of IBMA Global approved France Biocontrôle as its new National Association in France. Since then, discussions have been taking place between IBMA Global and its former French National Association about the use of the name “IBMA France”. As the owner of the IBMA brand, IBMA Global reserves the use of the name and logo for its National Associations only.

Welcoming France Biocontrôle as the official National Association of IBMA Global in France, Herman Van Mellaert, President of IBMA Global says “France plays a major role in the biocontrol market valued at over €1.6 billion in Europe. It is of utmost importance to have a strong national representation in France to engage with local authorities, represent IBMA Global positions and ultimately support getting biocontrol solutions into the hands of farmers as soon as possible. France Biocontrôle will play a pivotal role here and we are pleased with the enhanced visibility of our partnership to all stakeholders.”

Membership is open to all manufacturers of biocontrol as well as to a variety of stakeholders. Alain Querrioux, President of France Biocontrôle says “We are pleased to be closely associated with the world’s premier biocontrol industry association. We believe the collaboration between IBMA Global and its national association France Biocontrol will deliver the necessary cohesion and synergy between national and international advocacy actions. If you are a manufacturer, distributor, local food company or retailer with activities in France and active in biocontrol or keen to explore opportunities the sector offers, please get in touch. We look forward to building the future of biocontrol with you in France.” 

France Biocontrôle joins eight other National Associations in the IBMA Global National Association Council. Representing over 250 members worldwide, IBMA Global advocates for proportionate regulation to ensure biocontrol solutions reach the market faster so that farmers can grow healthy, productive and profitable crops ensuring sustainable food production, now, and for future generations.