Statutes Update

Dear IBMA Member,

On 12 May 2022, the IBMA Annual Assembly pre-approved changes to the IBMA statutes.

I am pleased to inform you that on 12 July 2022, IBMA held the General Assembly in front of the Public Notary in Belgium, where the statutes changes were approved. These changes take immediate effect.

The statutes have now been sent to obtain the Royal Decree. The Royal Decree is necessary to verify the amendments that split the purpose of the Association and the activities of the Association into different Articles.

The next statutory meeting of IBMA will therefore be a Council Meeting on 21st September (online).

The Council comprises 4 National Group representatives, 4 Professional Group representatives and the IBMA Board. We are therefore looking for 2 additional National Group representatives for the IBMA Council. These positions are open to President/Chair of any IBMA National Group.

We have already started the process of nomination of candidates from the National Groups to be representatives on the Council. To date we have received one nomination and we are looking for additional nominations to become National Group representatives on the Council.

Best Regards