IBMA, PAN Europe, IOBC Symposium

Invitation for 6th March 2023, from 9.00 to 12.00 – Register now:

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Together with IBMA, the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association, IOBC-WPRS, the International Organisation for Biocontrol, the Bulgarian organization Amitiza and Member of the Bulgarian Parliament Albena Simeonova Varbanova, Pesticides Action Network – PAN Europe invites you to an online symposium Agroecological transition in Bulgaria – integrated pest management with biocontrol as a foundation for reducing pesticide use in arable crops to provide solutions for increasing the food production based on agroecological principles, with aim to reduce pesticides use by increasing Integrated Pest Management – IPM uptake.

Implementing IPM starts with agronomic measures – crop rotation, intercropping, undersowing, protection and enhancement of beneficials, use of resistant varieties – and continues with the monitoring and forecasting systems, mechanical and physical control and biological control. IPM ensures the restoration of impaired biodiversity, thus increasing soil fertility which results in healthier, more resistant and more nutrient-containing plants.

After the publication of the draft Regulation proposal on the sustainable use of plant protection products, with this event, we want to support Bulgarian decision-makers by providing important information about the benefits of the actions, but also about the consequences of inaction in the transition to agroecology.

The European Green Deal and its Farm To Fork and the Biodiversity Strategy set targets for the reduction of pesticides, and the Nature Restoration Law proposal calls for a long-term and sustainable recovery of biodiversity and resilient nature.

Achieving these goals requires a significant change in the food production system.

With this symposium, we want to propose to farmers practices and solutions, including biological control ones, that have been successfully implemented for many years, without loss of yield and certainly without loss of income.

To ensure food safety, the necessity of establishing a sustainable food production system is of utmost importance. Conservation of natural resources – soil fertility and biodiversity restoration – are the absolute key to sustaining food production for future generations.

Please read online the full program.

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IBMA Senior Advocacy and Outreach Manager Isabelle Pinzauti Babrzynski,, +32 497695842

PAN Europe Campaigner – Pesticide-free agriculture Natalija Svrtan; +385 91 519 2593