FARM Global Project | Kick-off Meeting in Kenya,  March 12, 2024

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) funded FARM programme is a five-year 37 million USD programme aiming to catalyse a framework for regulatory and financial investment in the agriculture sector to reduce the use of harmful pesticides and plastics in agricultural production and encourage the adoption of low and non-chemical alternatives including biocontrol. With financial incentives favouring the intensification of chemicals to increase yield, FARM has a particular focus on leveraging finance from public resources and the financial sector and aims to align policy, enforcement and finance towards environmentally sustainable management of pesticides and agricultural plastics. IBMA together with other biocontrol associations is a co-finance partner for the project offering technical advice in kind to the project.

The FEF supported FARM programme is led by UNEP and implemented by the Asian Development Bank, UNDP, and UNIDO with execution carried out in country by FAO and relevant country institutions in Ecuador, India, Kenya, LAO PDR, Philippines, Uruguay and Viet Nam.

IBMA attended the kick-off and is working with FAO and IBMA Kenya to input biocontrol practices and demonstration into the Kenyan project.