Extension of Deadline for Nominations for IBMA Treasurer

Following the deadline of 15 July, there have been no nominations for IBMA Treasurer.  In the absence of nominations by the deadline, the IBMA Board has agreed to extend the deadline for nominations for Treasurer until 16 September 2022.

Call for Candidates

IBMA would like to invite nominations for the following vacancy on our Board and Council

IBMA Treasurer

Role and Advantages of the IBMA Treasurer:

  • Together with the Secretariat as well as IBMA accountant, ensure that the associations finances run smoothly and transparently and align with the Budget voted by the members at the IBMA AGM.
  • In collaboration with the Secretariat and the other Board members, propose a sound and well thought-out Budget to the members, reflecting the resources required to deliver the agreed IBMA strategy by the most efficient and effective means
  • Together with other members, reflect on the evolution and aspirations of the biocontrol industry as a business and align this with membership fees.

Role and Advantages of the IBMA Board:

  • Represent a vibrant industry providing biological solutions for agriculture, forestry, amenity, home and garden, and public health to promote a sustainable future.
  • Champion an industry that has been recognized by the European Commission as one of the main providers of alternative plant protection products within the EU Green Deal, and its new Farm to Fork Strategy.
  • Collaborate and exchange with our sister biocontrol organisations, diverse global public institutions (OECD, FAO) as well as the whole panel of Brussel institutions and stakeholders working on the future of agriculture.
  • A tailor-made role – while Board members have some duties as described in our statutes and internal regulation, the Board has a lot of freedom for roles and responsibilities, allowing Board members to be the most comfortable with this voluntary role and the time they may dedicate to it.

Our Treasurer should possess the following qualities:

  • Passion for the biocontrol industry
  • Understanding of budgets and accounts 
  • Expressed leadership capabilities
  • Good networking skills
  • Fluency in English as the working language of the association


Each candidate’s dossier should contain:

  • Email proposition by an active member
  • Email from candidate active member indicating his/her acceptance to stand for the office concerned together with:
    • A brief statement describing the contribution which they are able to offer and wish to make to IBMA.
    • A short biography
    • An identity photograph

Candidate dossiers should be sent to the Advocacy and Communication Manager (isabelle.pinzauti@ibma-global.org) and the Project Manager (britta.schnittger@ibma-global.org) before 17.00 CET 16th September 2022.

Each complete candidature dossier accompanied by ballot sheets will be circulated by 19th September to all active IBMA member companies eligible to vote and completed ballot sheets need to be returned to the Secretariat by 18th October at the latest. The election will close on this date.

The results will be declared by the Executive Director at the Annual General Meeting in October. The successful candidate(s) will be presented to the members. In the case of one sole candidate being presented for any global officer Board post, the approval of the candidate by the members will be sought by a show of hands at the AG Meeting.