Biocontrol at IPM Works and IPM Decisions events

IPM Works European Policy and Stakeholders’ seminar “Boosting IPM implementation in the EU” 

Held on 13 May, this European Policy Seminar aimed to engage key agri-food stakeholders in identifying tools, methods and practices to increase the implementation of IPM and reduce pesticides use in the EU. 

Hosted by European Stakeholders, the session covered why Integrated Pest Management should be implemented on a wider scale, within EU agriculture. In the first panel Overcoming obstacles to broadening the implementation of IPM, Isabelle Pinzauti Babrzynski, IBMA Senior Advocacy and Outreach Manager underlined the essential role of biocontrol in IPM based on a holistic approach for the transition to sustainable resilient agriculture with it benefits for environment and health, while providing farmers with effective solutions, which ensure their productivity.

IPMWorks and IPM Decision conference  

On May 14 IPMWORKS and IPM Decisions, two sister projects contributing to the Green deal objectives for agriculture by promoting a holistic approach for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) jointly organised a conference featuring success stories. This included an IPM in action session showing how IPM Works using examples from Almeria, Italy and Belgium. These highlighted the importance of an holistic approach working with nature and ecosystems and the use of biocontrol.  

We thank biocontrol expert Karel Bolckmans and Belgian farmer and vinegrower Christian Balduyck for speaking about how biological control solutions are proven, effective & affordable solutions that are also profitable for farmers.