Vittorio Veronelli Honorary Member

After a long period of activity Vittorio Veronelli has resigned from his position in IBMA Global. He and his company have been a member since 1998 and Vittorio has been active in various committees since 2004. In 2007 he became Joint-President in the Triumvirate, our “Board” during these years. After changes to the statutes the Triumvirate no longer existed and Vittorio then continued as Vice President from 2012-2017.

Vittorio has spent countless hours working for IBMA, made many trips, hosted, attended and presented at numerous meetings. His commitment to and input in IBMA has always been very valuable and we owe him a great deal of gratitude for so many years of service. Therefore IBMA decided to recognize his long lasting and outstanding services with an Honorary Membership. Willem Ravensberg presented Vittorio with a token of our appreciation and gratitude at the AGM at ABIM. Thank you so much Vittorio!