The SIP Early Career Award

The Council of the Society of Invertebrate Pathology has created an Early Career Scientist award to recognize outstanding contributions from invertebrate pathologists who are in the early stage of their scientific/academic career. The winner of this award will receive an official certificate that will be awarded at the Opening Ceremony of the Society’s Annual Meeting. SIP council has allocated $ 1250 (U.S. dollars) for this award.

Early career scientists are eligible for this award if they meet the following requirements:

  • The nominee has made significant contributions to the field of invertebrate pathology through research, teaching, and/or outreach after completion of his/her PhD research.
  • The PhD degree of the nominee must have been granted no more than eight years prior to the submission deadline for this award.
  • The nominee is a current member of SIP and, has been a member for at least the past two years. Nominees with active involvement in the society (e.g. has hold division positions, committee membership, meeting organisation) will be viewed positively.

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