IBMA FFF Workshop – 9th June 2021

Forum for the Future prepared a Food Systems Dialogue meeting on 9 June 2021 involving the food industry and IBMA members as well as farmers and NGOs.

> The Food Systems Dialogue report can be found here and has been submitted to the UN Food Summit. 

International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association and Forum for the Future present:
Workshop: The shift to nature positive food systems– what role for bioprotection?
Wednesday 9th June 2021 – 10.30-12.00 CET

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At the moment, IBMA Members having the option to attend are the ones who originally showed interest in this project end of 2019 as well as IBMA Executive Committee members. If others are interested please let know Isabelle Pinzauti Babrzynski. If any spaces become free then we will add anyone expressing an interest from the list on a first come first served basis. In fact, the places are limited to ensure a balanced representation of the different parties. We hope that we will be able to submit the workshop output to the UN Food Systems Summit.

2021 is shaping up to be a year of great transformation. For
agriculture, at the heart of this is a rethinking of practices
to deliver healthy, productive and safe farming, in ways that
support and restore our soils and biodiversity.

This reframing of nature-positive agriculture opens doors for new farm practices – not least the use of biocontrol within integrated pest management, with its potential to reduce pesticide use and promote positive sustainability impacts.

But what are the real benefits and opportunities of biocontrol for farming and the environment? And what barriers and challenges do we face in adopting new products, practices and technologies?

Ahead of this year’s landmark food systems summit, Forum for the Future, the leading international sustainability non-profit, is hosting a ‘Food System Summit Dialogue’ in partnership with the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association, to explore these questions.

The workshop is deeply relevant to anyone connected with agriculture, whether you are a farmer, advisor, crop protection or biodiversity specialist. We are particularly interested in the European region (EU, UK and other Non EU) and arable systems, but welcome insights from across sectors.

We particularly want to engage food companies and biocontrol suppliers together, to understand farmers’ and corporates’ perspectives and identify ways forward that will deliver for biodiversity and the environment.

With insights from leading companies, growers and agricultural experts, we will explore:

  • Can biocontrol support the transformation to agricultural practices that are nature and environment positive?
  • What approaches to pest and disease control can maximise biodiversity?
  • What is the perspective of farmers and where do they see opportunities and barriers?
  • How does this align to corporate strategies and ambitions for food businesses and suppliers?
  • What opportunities are there for further adoption of biocontrol and what barriers are impeding its use?
  • What recommendations for further action are needed?

The workshop will present a panel session followed by discussion and Q&A. Its outputs will be summarised into a contribution to the Food System Summit Dialogues. Chatham House rules apply throughout.  Registration details to follow.