News from IBMA España: 21st century technology with 19th century bureaucracy

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From IBMA Espana, we want to reflect on the recent informal meeting of European Union Agriculture Ministers that took place in Córdoba on September 4th and 5th. The crucial role of new technologies in agriculture was discussed at the meeting, especially with regard to adaptation to climate change and global food security.

While the advantages of new technologies are debated, we encounter excessive slowness and bureaucracy in the registration process, especially when it comes to biological solutions. Currently, IBMA members have 129 active biological control substances that could make a significant difference for European farmers and contribute to addressing the challenges discussed at this meeting.

These solutions are not only effective, but they are also environmentally friendly and play a critical role in the transition to more sustainable agriculture. However, many of these substances are awaiting registration approval, trapped in a bureaucratic process that urgently needs updating.

In a meeting that highlights the importance of new technologies and adaptation to climate change, we cannot ignore this discrepancy between words and action. We urge the relevant authorities to accelerate the registration process of biological control solutions, thus enabling farmers to successfully address the challenges facing their crops.

From Spain we are in a unique position to lead this change during the coming months, since we hold the Presidency of the EU. We therefore have the responsibility to promote the updating of registration regulations and the adoption of biological solutions that can make a difference in EU agriculture.

In conclusion, we applaud the debate on new technologies in agriculture, but it is essential that our actions live up to our words. Updating registration regulations is a crucial step to allow these technologies to reach farmers and make our agriculture more sustainable and resilient. Together, we can achieve it, and Spain has the opportunity to lead this change for the benefit of all.

At IBMA, we are ready to collaborate with all stakeholders and work together to overcome these challenges. Agriculture can’t wait any longer. Action is necessary now.