New prolonged Copa-Cogeca – IBMA Roadmap for collaboration in 2018-2025

Since 2009, EU farmers have been deprived of solutions to tackle pests and diseases. Moreover, they face increasing obligations to use alternative non-chemical pest control techniques, despite the insufficient information, knowledge and products at their disposal. Biocontrol manufacturers have come up against obstacles when trying to introduce biocontrol solutions onto the market. Indeed, regulatory processes and delays are unduly long and slow down farmer uptake of the solutions available.

That is why, in 2014, IBMA and Copa-Cogeca decided to sign a first Roadmap
for Collaboration with three main objectives:

1. Ensure that farmers are provided with effective biocontrol

2. Ensure that biocontrol solutions are made available without
unnecessary delays

3. Exchange knowledge in order to ensure that biocontrol solutions
are used in a reliable and predictable manner

In light of the progress achieved, both organisations recognise the value of such collaboration and consider that there is a mutual interest to continue with it. The previous three platforms remain relevant and both organisations agree that their cooperation should be broadened with the creation of an additional platform.

In the meantime, there have been several initiatives that are relevant to this area of work, such as the establishment of the European Union Minor Uses Coordination Facility (EUMUCF), the Motion for Resolution from the European Parliament (8/2/2018 B8-0140/2017) and the Expert Group on Sustainable Plant Protection. Copa-Cogeca and IBMA have actively contributed to all of these initiatives with a shared purpose and common
goals. Therefore, this new Roadmap for Collaboration will take into account these initiatives and incorporate this into the future work of IBMA and Copa-Cogeca. This will encourage a more efficient use of the existing resources.

The Roadmap for Collaboration may also be extended to involve other stakeholders, where relevant, in order to disseminate advice to growers and improve communication.

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