Michel Guillon

Dear All,

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the death of IBMA former Board member, Michel Guillon. 

IBMA Board, IBMA Secretariat and former IBMA Secretariat members’ thoughts are with his family and friends.

Below is a note from Sara Chatham, Former IBMA secretary, 

Michel Guillon, co-founder with Bernard Blum of IBMA died this Saturday morning 14th January 2023

Michel Guillon held the offices of both president and of treasurer numerous times during IBMA’s first 10 years existence.

Michel was also the co-founder and Technical Director of Calliope S.A.S. (1979) and N.P.P. Natural Plant Protection S.A.S. (1993) which became Arysta LifeScience in 2001, and later UPL.

During the 20 years following his retirement in 2001 Michel remained active in the field of biocontrol, specializing in particular in pheromones.

In 2004, Michel also co-founded Novagrica Hellas SA, as a majority shareholder. Based in Athens, Novagrica Hellas is a pheromone manufacturer and formulator.

In mid-May last year Michel was struck down by Horton’s Disease, and lost his sight completely. During the last 8 months of his life Michel battled with courage and dignity to the end.

The funeral will take place this Friday 20th January:

– Holy Mass in Ste. Thérèse church near Michel’s home,
79 Avenue Trespoey, Pau, France at 9.00 in the morning

– Cremation at Pau Crematorium about 2 kms away at 10h30
Small reception for his friends in a hotel near crematorium.

Best regards,

Jennifer Lewis, IBMA Executive Director