MEP Tolleret Asks Commission Question on Biocontrol

MEP Irène Tolleret, Renew, and other cross-party MEPS, sent a written question to the European Commission on the subject of Biological Pest Control in February 2024. The European Commission is obliged to respond to written questions.

Question for written answer to the Commission

Following the European Parliament’s rejection of the draft regulation on the sustainable use of pesticides, the introduction of a definition of biocontrol has been suspended, slowing down any attempt to harmonise European legislation in this area.

If the EU is to achieve the 50% reduction in the use of chemical pesticides, it is essential to speed up the authorisation procedures for new solutions, such as biocontrol products, in order to offer farmers alternatives and help them make the ecological transition. At present, these procedures take around ten years in the EU, compared with 2 to 3 years in other countries.

We also need a regulation covering all categories of biocontrol in order to harmonise legislation and stimulate the development of these products and their rapid arrival on the market.

Doesn’t the European Commission think it is time to make targeted changes to Regulation 1107/2009 to introduce fast-track procedures?

Given Parliament’s rejection of this draft regulation, would it not be appropriate to assess the need to introduce a more specific regulation on biocontrol covering the four categories, i.e. micro-organisms, macro-organisms, chemical mediators and natural substances?

We will share the answer when it comes.