List of minor uses needs and priorities

As you know the EU Minor Uses Coordination Facility (MUCF) has conducted a survey to Member States about their minor uses needs and priorities. This survey was conducted in preparation of the Global Minor Use Priority Setting Workshop in October 2017 in Montreal as part of the Third Global Minor Use Summit (GMUS-3). Early 2018 the MUCF reconducted the survey, in particular to obtain data from missing Member States.

The minor uses needs and priorities of 24 out of 28 Member States are now available, plus data from Norway and Switzerland. In total, data from 26 European countries are available.

In the mission statement of the MUCF it is indicated that the MUCF should fill minor use gaps for EU farmers by improving the availability of chemical and non-chemical tools within an integrated pest management (IPM) framework.

These minor use needs and priorities will form the basis for the workplans of the Commodity Expert Groups (CEGs).

With the list of European minor uses needs and priorities, industry can identify possible solutions for the minor uses needs. Some of the benefits are that such information can help industry with their strategy how to built their registration dossiers and to expand product labels by including as much minor uses as possible. Registration data  (residues and/or efficacy) can be generated in a combined effort with Member States and/or growers organisations when  participating in projects of the CEGs.

The list of minor uses needs and priorities is available in EUMUDA in the table of needs:

Individual companies can contact the MUCF for more information or to discuss with the MUCF in more detail their solutions or solutions that are in development at