IBMA Global, IBMA France, IEEP joint event

As it was well shown in the IEEP Report published last june Exploring the benefits of biocontrol for sustainable agriculture biocontrol has an essential role to reach the EU Green Deal and F2F objectives. In order to enable the use of biocontrol for the farmers and for them to be as soon as possible in the farmers’ toolbox, our solutions need simplification and differentiation of procedures to bring them to market quickly and safely, along with appropriate policies both at EU level and Member States Level. Read more about IBMA Policy Asks.


13.00 – 13.10

Welcome statement from Moderator Joanna Sullivan and organizers IBMA France, IEEP and IBMA Global

13.10 – 13-15

Opening Speech
MEP Decerle on European Parliament ambition to unlock agroecology tools for farmers

13.15 – 13.55 Panel 1 – Unlocking legal constraints to widespread biocontrol deployment

  • Benoît Grimonprez, Poitiers University Law Professor  on The Legal injustice to nature-based solutions
  • European Commission, DG Santé, Health and food audits and analysis Director
    Ms Maria Pilar Aguar Fernandez on the European Commission ambition for biocontrol to enable agri-system change
  • IEEP External Impact Director Faustine Bas-Defossez  on The Benefits to climate, nature and soil from biocontrol
  • IBMA France Secretary General Denis Longevialle on Benefits to farmers and lessons learned from French legislation

Farmer Testimony, Edouard Billard using Biocontrol in Arable Crops, Eure et Loir, France

13.55 -14.20 Panel 2– Making biocontrol mainstream now Tous Ensemble

  • IBMA Global Executive Director Jennifer Lewis on IBMA Policy asks
  • Océane Chat Morteau, Groupe Carrefour, Responsable projet Agroécologie/Responsable Qualité Fruits et Légumes on Sustainable food systems and availability
  • Cédric Prevost, French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Sous-directeur de l’accompagnement des transitions alimentaires et agroécologiques, on French work and support to Biocontrol

    14.20 Final statement by Moderator Joanna Sullivan