Collaborative Roadmap for IBMA and IFOAM EU for Organic Farming 2019-2024

IFOAM EU (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements – EU Regional group) is the European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming, representing 200 member organisations across Europe.

IBMA members produce biological plant protection solutions from natural origin. IBMA believes that biocontrol solutions offer key advantages and attributes which enable them to be priority solutions for plant protection in organic farming.

Therefore, the IBMA-IFOAM collaboration aims at:
• Advocating for a proportionate regulatory framework for the registration of biological plant protection solutions of natural origin.
• Promoting research and development of biological plant protection solutions of natural origin which fit best into organic plant protection management strategies.
• Increasing knowledge sharing and cooperation among farmers, SMEs, policy makers and stakeholders about current gaps and needs in the organic plant protection management strategy.

Read the Collaborative IBMA-IFOAM Roadmap.