Bernard Blum Award 2018 – List of nominees announced

Bernard Blum Award: Since 2015, an independent jury selects among a number of entries a winning biocontrol product which provides an effective solution in the management of pests or diseases while having a low impact on human health and the environment. This year’s list of nominees is even longer than last year – and it shows again how innovative the biocontrol industry is: 

Agrauxine for the product NEXY, a microbial for control of post-harvest diseases.
Biocontrol Technologies for the product T34 BIOCONTROL® a microbial biofungicide with activity against both soil and foliar diseases in a range of crops.
Bioline Agrosciences for the product TRICHOLOINE VITIS, a macrobial biocontrol agent for control of Tortrix pests in grapevines.
Biopreparaty for the product POLYVERSUM, a microbial biofungicide for use as a seed treatment or foliar applications in a range of crops.
CBC Europe for the products MISTER PRO and ISOOMATE CM MISTER 1.0, a semiochemical and smart dispenser for mating disruption of codling moth.
Ceradis for the product CERAMAX, a biochemical product for seed treatment and post-harvest uses.
Fyto Fend for the product COS-OGA, a biochemical biofungicide.
Kan biosys Pvt Ltd for the product MILASTIN K™, a biofungicide based on Bacillus subtilis KTSB 1015 for the control of powdery mildew in grapes.
Koppert Biological Systems for the product NOLI, a microbial biofungicide for the control of botrytis.
Marrone Bio Innovations for a range of products based on Burkholderia sp. strain A396 for uses as bioinsecticides, bionematicides and bioherbicides.
Plant Health Products for the product ECO-NOC, a microbial bioinsecticide with activity against lepidopteran pests.
Provivi for the product PROVIVI FAW dispenser, a semiochemical dispenser system for the control of fall armyworm.
Seipasa for the product FUNGISEI, a microbial biofungicide based upon Bacillus subtilis.
STK bio-ag technologies for the product REGEV™, a hybrid foliar fungicide combining a biochemical plant extract with a chemical fungicide.
Tocklai Tea Research Institute for the product METATOC, a microbial termiticide.

The winner as well as the second and third placed products will be announced at the IBMA Annual General Assembly during ABIM 2018 in Basel, Switzerland. IBMA will award a trophy, interview and product placement in New Ag International and 2BMonthly publications, as well as complementary registration for ABIM 2019 and the 3 shortlisted finalists will have a poster to display their innovations at ABIM 2018.