ibma in the press

October 2021, Référence-Agro
Biocontrôle, le Brésil met les bouchées doubles

October 2021, AgNews
IBMA: Back Biocontrol, not chemical pesticides

October 2021, Agrodistribution
Biocontrôle: BioBee reçoit le Bernard Blum Award 2021

October 2021, HortiDaily
IBMA President Herman van Mellaert: “We urge the EU to unleash power of biocontrol in support of Farm to Fork”

October 2021, lifePR
Mehr als 970 Vertreter*innen der Biocontrol-Industrie treffen sich am ABIM in Basel – ein starker Impuls für naturbasierte Lösungen

October 2021, infoAgro
More than 970 biocontrol industry representatives gather in Basel to promote nature-based solutions

October 2021, Irish Farmers Journal
Pesticides being removed must be replaced, say industry representatives
From the Article: Jennifer Lewis: “We need a legal definition of bio-control in the EU. Let´s work with nature, invest in biodiversity by investment in bio-control”.

October 2021, Meister Media Worldwide
Biological Crop Protection & Plant Health Annual Report – Industry Associations: Biologicals are the future of agriculture
From the Article: Jennifer Lewis: “In Europe the regulatory process limits opportunities and delays market entry for biologicals that control pests”.

July 2021, Informatore Agrario
From the Article: Jennifer Lewis: “…l’importante è progettare una lotta integrata che metta la biologia al primo posto; c’è una gerarchia di utilizzo che inizia con le pratiche agronomiche e la rotazione delle colture, i mezzi fisici e poi i mezzi biologici e, infine, solo se necessario, la chimica come ultima risorsa, come descritto della direttiva sull’uso sostenibile.”
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July 2021, AgriBusiness Global
Leading Biological Organizations Survive and Thrive Through the Pandemic
From the Article: Jennifer Lewis: “ The distribution of invertebrate biocontrol across borders within Europe was difficult initially but resolved over the course of the first few weeks. Politically there is a wish for greening of agriculture, and this has been heightened following the pandemic.”

June 2021, infoAgro
El biocontrol puede ofrecer una solución sistémica y equilibrada para la agricultura sostenible

June 2021, ENDS Europe
Biocontrols ‘key’ to sustainable agriculture – think tank

June 2021, Contexte Agro
À Bruxelles, clivage durable sur la baisse de l’usage des pesticides
Le Copa-Cogeca et IBMA (producteurs de biocontrôle) mentionnent, quant à eux, l’importance de développer des produits de biocontrôle. Ces deux acteurs soulignent la nécessité d’une définition européenne de ces solutions pour permettre une approche uniforme de la production et de la commercialisation dans tous les États membres…

May 2021, 2BMonthly
Interview with IBMA President Herman van Mellaert

April 2021, Tecnología Hortícola
IBMA collaborates in the development of the CABI Biosafety Portal and in the shared mission of greater «green diplomacy»

April 2021, Flora Culture International
Launch of IBMA membership survey, updated biocontrol industry outlook will be available by mid-2021

April 2021, infoAgro
IBMA: “Bioprotection and biocontrol technologies, a crucial contribution to the transition towards more ecological agriculture”

April 2021, 2BMonthly
Bioprotection-Biocontrol Technologies Make a Crucial Contribution to the Transition to More Agroecological Farming

March 2021, Agropages
2021 Certified Organic Agri-inputs Guide

March 2021, Krishi Jagran
Regulatory Streamlining & Harmonization of BioAg (Need Globally Local)

March 2021,
Biobest candidate Herman Van Mellaert elected IBMA President

March 2021, La Voz de Galicia – Somos Agro
¿Cómo combatir la Xylella fastidiosa?

November 2020,
Biobest candidate Herman Van Mellaert elected IBMA President

November 2020, AgroNotizie
Towards the transformation of the phytosanitary system

May 2020, EURACTIV
Farm to Fork Strategy – What’s on the menu?

June 2019, infoAgro
Jennifer Lewis asume el cargo de directora ejecutiva de la IBMA

June 2019, AIPH
IBMA welcomes Jennifer Lewis as its new Executive Director

May 2019, infoAgro
El Foro de BioProtección Vegetal reúne en Valencia a importantes expertos en Gestión Integrada de Plagas

April 2019, FloraCulture International
IBMA welcomes Jennifer Lewis as its new Executive Director

February 2019, 2BMonthly
IBMA lodges complaint with EU Ombudsman 

February 2019, 2BMonthly
IBMA and Copa-Cogeca co-host high-level symposium at European Parliament

February 2019, Pleinchamp
Biocontrôle: des outils, des freins et une plainte

February 2019, 2BMonthly
Interview with new IBMA President Sylvia Plak 

7th February 2019, Flora Culture International 
Sustainable Plant Protection debated in EU parliament

November 2018, 2BMonthly
Sylvia Plak from Sumitomo Agro Europe elected new IBMA President

November 2018, 2BMonthly
IBMA White Paper presented at ABIM

November 2018, AgNews
IBMA calls for regulatory shake-up

November 2018, 2BMonthly
ABIM 2018 most succesful ABIM to date

October 2018, 2BMonthly
Interview with IBMA President and Executive Director at ABIM

October 2018, 2BMonthly
IBMA announced shortlisted candidates for 2018 Bernard Blum Award 

October 2018, 2BMonthly
IBMA announced receipt of 15 highly qualified candidate nominations for 2018 Bernard Blum Award 

February 2018, 2BMonthly
IBMA France: Biocontrol market has grown by 14% in 2018

Agricoltori Ue, velocizzare ok a prodotti controllo biologico

12th September 2018, La France Agricole
Le Copa-Cogeca et l’IBMA veulent simplifier la réglementation

November/December 2017, International Pest Control Magazine
ABIM 2017: The biggest gathering of biocontrol professionals – ever.

November 2017, 2BMonthly
ABIM 2017 set a record for attendance with 1046 delegates from 54 countries representing 511 companies gathering in Basel

November 2017, New Ag International (website with the current edition in English, Spanish and Chinese)
Read the article ABIM Breaks a Record Attendance!

21st November 2017, Agronotizie
IBMA a convegno

16th November 2017, Fruchtportal
In Basel fand die 12. internationale Konferenz für biologischen Pflanzenschutz statt

20th November 2017, Interempresas – Almazaras
Soluciones biotecnológicas contra las plagas del olivo

8th November 2017, Marketwired
Bee Vectoring Technologies Selected to Present at Two Leading Industry Events

6th November 2017, Schweizer Bauer   
Bio: Teilnehmerrekord bei Pflanzenschutzkonferenz

31st October 2017, Business Wire
Certis USA LifeGard® Biological Plant Activator Product Wins Top International Industry Awards from Agrow and IBMA

25th October 2017, 2BMonthly Breaking News
ABIM 2017 Announces Record Participation

24th October 2017, Nieuwe Oogst
Koppert vernieuwt boek over plagen en oplossingen

20th February 2017, AgroNotizie
Agrofarmaci biologici a basso rischio, serve chiarezza

14th February 2017, The Malta Independent online
”Access to low-risk bio pesticides should be facilitated to enter EU markets”- MEP Miriam Dalli

December 2016, AgriBusiness Global
Adoption of Biocontrol Products Around the Globe Continues to Grow

9th November 2016,AgroNotizie
I tre volti della frutticoltura sostenibile
– Interpoma, Fiera Bolzano, 24 novembre 2016. Strumenti, tecnica, divulgazione: i tre focus della sesta tappa di AgroInnovation Tour –

November 2016, New Ag International (website with the current edition in English, Spanish and Chinese)
Read the article about ABIM in Basel

22nd November 2016, AgriBusiness Global
The EU’s (Not-So) Fast Track for Biocontrols
– Interview of IBMA President Willem Ravensberg –

November 2016, 2BMonthly
“The major objective of IBMA is to associate biocontrol companies and be a spokesman for policy makers, the public and the media.”

9th November 2016, AgroNotizie
I tre volti della frutticoltura sostenibile
– piu informazioni su Interpoma, sesta ed ultima tappa 2016 del tour dell’innovazione firmato da Image Line. –

28th October 2016, AgriBusiness Global
Notes from ABIM

29th September 2016, AgriBusiness Global
ABIM moves Ag forward

27th April 2016, AgroNotizie
Prosegue il cammino di Bio Protection Global

April 2016, Circuits culture
Marché mondial du biocontrôle. 28,6% des ventes en Europe
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15th December 2015, AgriBusiness Global
IBMA’s 2016 Goals and Agenda

November-December 2015 issue  International Pest Control Magazine
and see also International Biocontrol Industry gathers in Switzerland 

26th November 2015 Eu Reporter
Sustainable use of pesticides: One-year delay in publishing European Commission report

November 2015 2BMonthly
Highlights from ABIM 2015

October 2015 NewAg International (current edition in English, Spanish and Chinese)ABIM 2015: Many positive drivers for the Biocontrol Market

October 2015 2BMonthly
Executive Speaks – David Cary, Executive Director of IBMA Interview

15th October 2015 International Pest Control Magazine
Biopesticides – new solutions for old problems

16th July 2015  Agronotizie
Bioagrofarmaci, Ibma, Copa e Cogeca: “Aumenta la domanda, ma sistema normativo troppo lento”   

July 2015 New Ag International
An Interview with Willem Ravensberg, President of IBMA

17th March 2015 EU Farmers & Agri-Cooperatives   -pg31-
”Demand for bio-pesticides really growing, but hindered by long, overly bureaucratic regulatory system, IBMA President warns” Willem Ravensberg’s interview