IBMA Germany/Austria  Contact Phone 0049 7381935415

Executive Committee IBMA Germany Austria

Executive Board

Tillmann Frank (e-nema) – Chair  t.frank(AT)

Frank Volk (Biofa) – Vice Chair

Ulrich Büsing (Sautter und Stepper) – Treasurer

Michael Groß (Biohelp) – Recording Clerk

Working Groups

Frank Volk (biofa)  – Chair of Working Group Registration

Peter Katz (Katz biotech) – Chair of Working Group Macrobials

Alexandra Eitenmüller (Intrachem Bio)- Chair of Working Group Biostimulants

Jacqueline Süss (APIS) – Vice Chair of Working Group Biostimulants

Honorary President – Prof. Jürg Huber

Executive Manager – Brigitte Kranz – kranz(AT)

Past Events

Innovative biological techniques for IPM and their regulatory implications IX. Symposium on Plant Protection and Health in Europe

19th and 20th November 2019 at the Julius Kühn-Institut – Braunschweig – Germany