COS OGA controls powdery mildew in strawberry in France

Strawberry (Fragaria spp.)/ FR/ natural plant elicitor COS OGA/ Sphaerotheca macularis Many chemical residues are reported in conventional strawberry crops, these may cause problems for consumer health. Reduction of treatment frequency (IFT) in France have forced the growers towards sustainable disease control which is beneficial to human and environmental health Export restrictions lowering maximum residue levels (MRL’S.) […]

Several biocontrol solutions against pest and diseases in apples/pears in Belgium

Apple (Malus spp.)and pear (Pyrus spp.)/pest insects and diseases/predatory insects and mites, mating disruption, habitat improvement In 1988, 3rd generation fruit farmer decides to decrease chemical load of broad-spectrum chemicals in their fruit orchard. 30 years later they reduced the chemical load by 90% by applying agroecological practices in an IPM scheme; Releasing of predatory mites, […]