Press Release – 5th July 2023

SUR essential to unlock biocontrol for farmers

As per the Council request at the end of 2023, the European Commission additional study to the impact assessment on the SUR has just been published.

This study recognises “the potential of alternatives, including biocontrol, as a key contribution to achieving pesticide reduction targets”.

“The SUR is essential to unlock the potential of alternatives such as biocontrol” underlines International Biocontrol Industry Association Executive Director Jennifer Lewis.

This additional study, complementing the impact assessment on the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products Regulation (SUR), confirms alternatives are ready in the pipeline with applications for 79 new biocontrol active substances and 54 extensions of uses of existing substances expected before 2028, citing data provided by 26 company members of the International Biocontrol Industry Association (IBMA).

“Biocontrol innovations have significant potential to replace chemical pesticides in a range of crops, including in field crops such as cereals and oilseed“ concludes the additional study, referencing provisional authorisations to get enough alternatives to farmers by 2030.

“We hope this additional study from the Commission paves the way for constructive discussions in the European Parliament and Council to improve farmers’ access to biocontrol which is essential for IPM and resilient food systems” added IBMA Executive Director Jennifer Lewis.

The biocontrol industry is worth €1.4 billion in Europe and €6 billion worldwide. The industry is ready to invest even more into solutions for Europe when the authorisation process is fast-tracked. With its biocontrol EU Definition and clear support for alternatives, the SUR is essential to unlock biocontrol potential”

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