Bernard Blum Award 2019

9 October 2018 – Three Products Shortlisted for the 2019 Bernard Blum Award Three products are now on the shortlist for the 2019 Bernard Blum Award for novel biocontrol solutions:  – Andermatt Biocontrol, for the product Tutavir, which contains a Phthorimaea operculella granulovirus (PhopGV) for selective control of the tomato leafminer. It is well suited for population and damage control. […]

Bernard Blum Award 2018

Meet this year’s winning product ! The winner of the 2018 Bernard Blum Award is Burkholderia by Marrone Bio Innovations, a new species of non-living bacteria, which produces several natural compounds. Congratulations for producing this innovative solution which works threefold: as a nematicide, a herbicide and an insecticide !  Find here the presentation on the winning product given by Pam […]

IBMA Spain participates in “Grupo Operativo Supra-autonómico SALUD DEL OLIVAR”

IBMA Spain participates in “Grupo Operativo Supra-autonómico SALUD DEL OLIVAR” The consortium, led by the Granada-based company DOMCA, is made up of DCOOP (Málaga) olive oil producer, the R&D company NEVAL (Valencia), Visiona IP (Madrid), the AINIA Technological Center (Valencia ) and IBMA Spain.The main objective of this working group is to develop methods of […]

ABIM 2020

Dear IBMA Members The ABIM Executive Board with the full backing of the ABIM Board of Directors have decided to conduct ABIM 2020 as a Virtual Exhibition and Conference. The Executive Board and Messe Basel have worked intensively in the past months exploring and evaluating ongoing conferences and the most advanced conference tools available today. We […]

IBMA Contribution to the European Commission Public Consultation – Farm to Form Strategy Roadmap

As the association, IBMA has just submitted its comments to the online Farm to Fork Strategy Roadmap Public Consultation. Read here IBMA written submission Discover here the supporting document The key points are Biocontrol is a reality but to make it grow we need proportionate regulation and farmers to farmers networking and knowledge sharing among all […]